Außenminister Maas spricht vor einer Menschenmenge.

German Forum on Security Policy: #europeunited – Even Amidst Turbulence

Cyber attacks, Brexit and doubts about the transatlantic partnership: Europe is faced with a myriad of security policy challenges. The German Forum on…

Uniformierte Soldaten mit Helmen und Sonnenbrillen stehen zwischen zwei hellblauen Barackengebäuden und blicken auf ein dahinter aufragendes großes Gebäude.

Trump, Kim and the Nuclear Button: Discussing Deterrence in Seoul

Given the changes in US policy, both East Asia and Europe face a common question: How credible is America's nuclear security assurance? Against this…

Portraitaufnahme von Donald Trump und Hillary Clinton

Hillary vs. the Donald: consequences for Germany and Europe

The presidential election 2016 bears significant consequences for Germany's and Europe's relations with the U.S. Picture: Rich Girard/flickr/CC BY-…

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