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Artificial Intelligence in the Armed Forces: On the need for regulation regarding autonomy in weapon systems

Scientists and representatives of civilian technology companies, the drivers of innovation in the field of AI, have been warning about a paradigm shift in…


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Legal Regulations for Autonomous Weapon Systems: Potentials and Limitations

Regulatory hurdle: What should be the object of regulation?

In light of the possible risks and challenges of (semi-)autonomous weapon systems, a…


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The INF Treaty as a Cornerstone of Nuclear Arms Control – Doomed to Fail?

30 Years of Success in Danger?

The Treaty Between the United States of America and the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics on the Elimination of Their…

For a Europeanisation of Arms Export Controls: More power for Brussels will lead to a stronger Common Foreign and Security Policy of the EU

Requirements for a coherent EU policy on arms export controls

The security environment of the past few years, brought about by the changes in Eastern…


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More security in cyber space: The case for arms control

In November 2016 the Federal Office for Information Security published its annual situation report on cyber security. It reveals that about 20 highly…

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