Russian Federation Presidential Executive Office/CC BY 4.0

Belarus's balancing act continues. Minsk fends off the "Ukraine Option" again

Is the West Circling the Wagons? On the strategic situation of Germany and its Allies


Portraitaufnahme von Donald Trump und Hillary Clinton
Picture: Rich Girard/flickr/CC BY-SA 2.0

Hillary vs. the Donald: consequences for Germany and Europe

A brief summary of a new Security Policy Working Paper: Stephan Bierling analyses Hillary Clinton's and Donald Trump’s personality profiles and decision-making styles. What are their concrete foreign policy positions, what are the consequences?


Foto: Bundeswehr

Brexit and British Defence Policy: Not Business As Usual

The NATO Summit in Warsaw: seven messages to expect

Where is the beef? Prospects of a closer German-British security partnership

Cyprus: is one of the oldest conflicts about to be resolved?

Russia and Europe in 2030: conflict or cooperation?

Germany’s OSCE chairmanship 2016: the need for “contagement”


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