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Artificial Intelligence in the Armed Forces: On the need for regulation regarding autonomy in weapon systems

Scientists and representatives of civilian technology companies, the drivers of innovation in the field of AI, have been warning about a paradigm shift in…


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Legal Regulations for Autonomous Weapon Systems: Potentials and Limitations

Regulatory hurdle: What should be the object of regulation?

In light of the possible risks and challenges of (semi-)autonomous weapon systems, a…



The 2-Percent Objective and the Bundeswehr Discussion about the German Defence Budget

The Origin and (In-) Appropriateness of the 2-Percent Objective

At the latest when the SPD formulated the slogan “Better 6 percent more spending on…


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Is conscription a guarantee of national defense? Some remarks on the justification for reactivating conscription

Why conscription? – a change in legitimation

Debates about the legitimacy of conscription are as old as the Bundeswehr itself. Some essential policy issues…

Commercial Project or Strategic Disorientation? The Controversial Nord Stream 2 Gas Pipeline

No other energy policy project of the EU and Germany is as controversial as the construction of the Nord Stream 2 natural gas pipeline (NS-2). Germany,…


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On the Way to a Common Strategic Culture: How far along is the development of a European Security and Defence Union, and what does that mean for the Bundeswehr?

Europe in an Uncertain World

The multipolar world many hoped would take the place of U.S. hegemony has now become a reality, yet this world looks nothing…


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A Backward Roll in Exports? The Coalition Agreement Does Not Solve Problems Concerning the Bundeswehr and the German Arms Industry

The 2018 coalition agreement has been finalised, and the 12th of 13 chapters outlines the ideas of the fourth Merkel cabinet on “Germany’s responsibility…



A New NATO Command in Germany: Modelled on the Bundeswehr Joint Support Service

Painful lessons for NATO’s collective defence

Four years have passed since Russia not only violated international law with the annexation of the Crimea, but…


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Strategic Autonomy for Europe: Can Berlin and Paris Agree?

2018 is a very important year for Europe’s future, and not just because important positions in the European Union have to be filled, the Brexit negotiations…


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Total Defence: How Germany should implement a whole-of-government national and collective defence

Why total defence?

In one of its latest military exercises Zapad 2017, Russia simulated a scenario that most likely represented capture of the Baltic…


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