German security policy

Der Vizepräsident der BAKS Thomas Wrießnig übergibt dem Kommodore der Pakistan Air Force Hamid Hussain ein Gastgeschenk.

Pakistan Delegation: "Your Working Papers are most current"

On 2 May 2016, a delegation from Pakistan's National Defence University visited the Federal Academy for Security Policy to learn about German foreign and…

A German soldier is training Kurdish soldiers in the use of a German assault rifle in Northern Iraq.

Libya – the next military operation with German participation?

Could the Bundeswehr contribute to the stabilization of Libya?

A Bundeswehr soldier instructing Kurdish Peshmerga near Erbil, Iraq: Could…

a German EUTM Mali soldier, supported by an interpreter, teaches a Malian soldier in explosive ordnance disposal

Working Paper: Germany's Enable & Enhance Initiative

What is the German Enable & Enhance Initiative about?

"E2I" involves both training and equipment: A Bundeswehr soldier, supported by…

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