Iran’s Destructive Regional Policy: An Underrated Problem

Main features of Iran’s Regional Policy

To put Iran’s regional activities into perspective, their ideological and political foundations are outlined…

What's new on NATO's Southern flank: security threats and the Alliance's role after the Warsaw Summit

The threats from the Southern flank have a direct and negative impact on Euro-Atlantic security: attacks organised or inspired by Islamic terrorist networks…


Vermummte und bewaffnete Polizisten  öffnen ein Auto mit einer Person darin
Axel Hindemith/Wikimedia Commons/gemeinfrei

Core Course discusses internal security with BKA President and BfV Vice President

At the outset of the module on Internal Security, the Core Course met the President of the Federal Criminal Police Office (BKA), Holger Münch, and the Vice…

Down but not out: Is the end nigh for ISIL?

Out of sight, out of mind

The international coalition (Operation Inherent Resolve, OIR) against the so-called Islamic State (ISIL), to which Germany also…


Al Jazeera English/Flickr/CC BY-SA 2.0

Change of Heart in Pakistan? New developments in counter-terrorism and shifting international influences

Pakistan – a former supporter, now enemy of the Taliban

Almost 15 years ago, while Western troops tried to clear remaining Taliban positions during the US-…

A Premature Obituary for ISIL: The Mosul Offensive and its Potential Aftermath

The loss of Mosul would be a serious and highly symbolic setback for ISIL. This is because Mosul is the city where ISIL publicly declared its caliphate in…



Autonomous or semi-autonomous weapons systems: A potential new threat of terrorism?

In a most recent paper published and signed by nearly one hundred specialists in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and leaders of high-tech companies, among them…


Andreas Trojak/Flickr/CC BY 2.0

The Asymmetric War of ISIL - Implications for Counter-Terrorism

For decades, the objective of a joint empire of all Muslims under the leadership of a spiritual and secular ruler, which will implement the commandments of…


Graeme Wood/Flickr/CC BY-NC 2.0

Failed Statehood: On the Causes of Upheaval and Conflict in the Middle East

In one of the most popular Egyptian motion pictures, the 1992 comedy “Terrorism and Kebab”, the main character Ahmed, played by famous comedian Adel Imam,…

The West in the Middle East: A Realisitic Analysis and Policy Priorities for a Region With Structurally Irresolvable Problems

If you are looking for solutions, don’t go to the Middle East. The region suffers from very severe problems. Sometimes important social reforms or political…


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