Jens Stoltenberg
Unnecessary, obsolete, divided? Many adjectives have been used to describe NATO, and not many of them positive. But NATO is indispensable for Europe, as Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg and international experts agreed during the NATO Talk 2018 conference.
Ein Mann blickt an einem Schreibtisch sitzend auf sehr viele Bildschirme mit Zahlenreihen darauf; an der Wand im Hintergrund hängen weitere dieser Bildschirme, zum Teil mit anderem Inhalt wie zum Beispiel einem Nachrichtensender darauf.
Impressions from the core course: critical questions of cybersecurity - in 30 seconds. And for all those who want to learn more, Henrike Stein-Ratjen, who attended the course, provides supplementary details.
Der Hauptbazar in Delhi von oben.
India is on its way to becoming a global power. Few other countries in the world are as diverse or as full of opportunities and challenges as this vast democracy in Asia. So the Federal Academy for Security Policy chose Delhi and Mumbai as destinations for its 2018 Course for Senior Officials.
Das Bild zeigt pakistanische und indische Soldaten am Grenzübergang Wagah
The Course for Senior Officials crossed the border between Pakistan and India near Wagah at the only crossing point open exclusively to passenger traffic.
Zu sehen ist die Faisal-Moschee in Islamabad
First-hand impressions are irreplaceable. That is why the Course for Senior Officials has travelled to South Asia for the second time this year. The visit includes high-level talks in Pakistan and India. Picture: Muzaffar Bukhari/Flickr/cut to size/CC BY-NC-SA 2.0
Außenminister Maas spricht vor einer Menschenmenge.
Cyber attacks, Brexit and doubts about the transatlantic partnership: Europe is faced with a myriad of security policy challenges. The German Forum on Security Policy 2018 was an occasion for high-ranking representatives from politics, government agencies and society to discuss the prospects of closer cooperation within the EU. At the beginning of the forum, German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas demanded: “We finally have to make Europe fit for foreign policy!”
Vermummte und bewaffnete Polizisten  öffnen ein Auto mit einer Person darin
At the outset of the module on Internal Security, the Core Course met the President of the Federal Criminal Police Office (BKA), Holger Münch, and the Vice President of the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution (BfV), Thomas Haldenwang.
Eine Gruppe geschäftlich gekleideter Menschen steht vor einer Plastik des NATO-Symbols und zahlreichen Flaggen von NATO-Mitgliedsstaaten.
The US have doubts about its partners, the littoral states of the Baltic Sea about their security and the EU about its unity. 25 participants looked for answers on site in the 2018 Core Course.
Two flyers of the core course on a grey surface
The 2019 Core Course on Security Policy focuses on digitalization and the Baltic region. The nomination process is open for international participants until early December.
Zwei traditionell afrikanisch gekleidete Frauen und ein geschäftlich gekleideter Mann sitzen gemeinsam auf einem Podium.
Africa is ranking high on Europe's and Germanys political agendas. Against this backdrop, the Federal Academy for Security Policy and the GIZ held an international conference on the future of the African Peace and Security Architecture.