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Auf einer von teils verbrannten Bäumen gesäumten Landstraße fährt ein Geländewagen; hinter ihm ragt eine Rauch- oder Staubsäule auf.
Unsplash/Marcus Kauffman
In a current BAKS Working Paper, Stefan Lukas argues that debates on security should incorporate climate change more thoroughly because it added fue to the fire in many conflict regions. Picture: Unsplash/Marcus Kauffman


Ein Kampfflugzeug vom Typ Tornado steht bei Nacht auf einem beleuchteten Vorfeld zwischen zwei Hangars.
Foto: Bundeswehr
The replacement of Germany's Tornado fighter-bomber is inevitably linked with a more fundamental question: Will Germany purchase a nuclear-certified successor aircraft and continue its contribution to NATO's nuclear deterrencet? In our latest Working Paper, Dr. Brad Roberts discusses the consequences of a German opt-out of nuclear sharing from a US perspective. Picture: Bundeswehr
In the run-up to a national SSR Strategy, the German Development Agency GIZ and the Federal Academy for Security Policy hosted an international workshop in Berlin on “Security Sector Reform in Fragile Contexts – What Works Best, Where and When?”


Picture: BAKS/Sommerfeld
On the sidelines of the 6th Strategic Foresight Workshop Day, HE Mme Bineta Diop gave us an interview on her role as African Union Special Envoy on Women, Peace and Security, Germany's membership in the UN Security Council, and Resolution 1325.


Picture: BAKS/Sommerfeld
Already for the sixth time BAKS hosted the annual meeting of the Network 'Strategic Foresight in Practice'. The Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development was this year’s partner for the event on the topic of 'Future Africa'. More than 100 participants discussed complex issues concerning the future of our neighbouring continent, with topics ranging from economy and employment to urbanisation and mobility, via demography and health.