German Forum on Security Policy

The German Forum on Security Policy was established by the Federal Academy for Security Policy in 2013. It is the Academy's annual top-level event on essential matters regarding security policy. The Forum is aimed at selected decision-makers from the Federal Government and security authorities as well as from the political, industrial and scientific communities. Participation in the event is by personal invitation only.

This year's conference, in autumn, will focus on the question: How Secure is Germany in a World that Is Falling Apart? Aggression, terrorism and the disintegration of states are spinning out of control. In addition, globalisation and digitalisation have finally removed any distinction between internal and external security. Discussion will therefore focus on the internal and external risks and threats to Germany's security. The aim is to develop political and strategic recommendations for action on the national and European level. The Academy is currently working on the Forum's concept and contents, which will be made available on this website in due course.