Porträtfoto Ekkehard Brose

Ambassador Ekkehard Brose is President of the Federal Academy for Security Policy. Click here for his CV and more information. Picture: BAKS

As a central institution for advanced training, the Federal Academy for Security Policy reports directly to the Federal Government. Chaired by the Federal Chancellor, the Board of Trustees decides on the basic orientation and the future development of the Federal Academy. In this context it is counselled by both the President and the Advisory Board of the Federal Academy for Security Policy. Organizationally, the latter must be considered an independent agency.

The President of the Federal Academy for Security Policy is appointed by the Federal President. The Vice President provides support and acts as his deputy. The Federal Foreign Office and the Federal Ministry of Defence take turns in nominating the president and vice president. Together with the Director / Chief of Staff, who is responsible for exercising operational command of the Academy, and the Head of Head of Faculty / Teaching and Training, the Head of International Cooperation and Expert Meetings and the Head of Communication they form the executive group of the Academy.

The Federal Academy for Security Policy is subdivided into two sections: the academic department and the support department.

The academic department is responsible for shaping the content of the trainings, conferences and events. All ministries represented in the Federal Security Council assign personnel to the Federal Academy for Security Policy to fill the inter-ministerial approach with life. In order to adequately cover the broad range of subjects related to today's security policy and to address the current needs of the ministries, the Academy does not rely on academic staff in the traditional sense. For all events at BAKS, high key visiting lecturers with relevant current expertise are recruited from at home and abroad. The supporting department is responsible for aspects related to infrastructure and event logistics.