Further Events

Course of Lectures on European Security and Defence Policy

Since 2004, the Federal Academy for Security Policy has been conducting in cooperation with relevant institutions of the European Union a course for senior executive personnel from all member states on matters related to European security policy.

Military Attaché Training Course

The training course addresses future German military attachés assigned to the embassies of the Federal Republic of Germany. The course discusses all aspects of the comprehensive security aspects with representatives of the ministries and with external experts. The course started for the first time in May 2005.

National Preventive Security Measures

Since 2003, the Federal Academy for Security Policy has been conducting the seminar series “National Preventive Security Measures”. It is carried out in cooperation with the Academy for Crisis Management, Emergency Planning and Civil Protection (AKNZ), the training institution of the Federal Office for Civil Protection and Disaster Response. The series regularly comprises a one-week seminar in the second half of September and a two-day “Follow-up” event in April/May of the following year.

The Federal Ministry of Defence coordinates the series, together with the Federal Ministry of the Interior and the Federal Foreign Office.  The coordinating ministries make sure that the seminar is well introduced in their ministries and to motivate the participants to take part. The participants of the two preceding years will be invited to attend the “Follow-up” event. The objective of the series of seminars on “National Preventive Security Measures“ is to discuss at inter-ministerial and inter-organisational level, on the basis of the current security situation, changes in risks and adaptations of

  • the organisation of national preventive security measures,
  • the decision-making processes, and
  • hazard prevention and hazard defence measures.

In this context, the exchange that takes place between the participants, creating a basis and a link for a more intensive inter-ministerial and interagency cooperation in the different fields of professional activity, receives particular support.

The seminar addresses executive personnel and decision-makers from the field of civil and military crisis management. Attendance by the following is particularly welcomed:

  • higher-level civil servants from the supreme Federal and “Länder” authorities and their subordinate agencies, or employees in comparable positions,
  • executive members of corporate bodies and institutions under public law,
  • Senior Officers / Senior Reserve Officers of the Bundeswehr.

Strategic Dialog between State and Trade and Industry

Since 2005, the Federal Academy for Security Policy has developed and established a unique format for executive personnel dealing with security issues in the field of trade and industry. The Strategic Dialog between State, Trade and Industry brings together actors of globally acting companies and experts to discuss future security challenges and develop approaches to solutions. The spectrum of possible subjects is broad, ranging from securing supply lines to hazards identified in connection with the world-wide-web to issues related to energy security, and many more.