Traditionally, the holiday of Shavuot is marked by an all-night Torah study session to celebrate the fact we received it on this day. "In Jerusalem, tens of thousands of people finish off the nighttime study session by walking to the Western Wall before d
For the fourth time, German and Israeli politicians, government officials and scientists held talks on common security problems with the focus “Growing instability in the MENA region and in Europe”.
Portraitaufnahme von Donald Trump und Hillary Clinton
A brief summary of a new Security Policy Working Paper: Stephan Bierling analyses Hillary Clinton's and Donald Trump’s personality profiles and decision-making styles. What are their concrete foreign policy positions, what are the consequences?
Aufnahme der Nuklearexplosion des "Castle Bravo"-Atomtest der USA im März 1954
In an interview Dr. Karl-Heinz Kamp explains the implications and consequences of North Korea's nuclear test. Picture: U.S. Government (1954)
Vier Personen sitzen an einem Podiumstisch mit Mikrofonen; die Frau am linken Ende des Tischs spricht ins Mikrofon und gestikuliert.
On 30 May a delegation from the Japanese National Institute for Defense Studies visited the Federal Academy to learn about German foreign policy towards China and get in touch with the Academy’s work.
Hungerstreikende Flüchtlinge demonstrieren 2013 in Berlin vor dem Brandenburger Tor.
On 4 May 2016, the Core Course on Security Policy met Fritz Felgentreu, Member of the German Parliament, and migration expert Professor Karl-Heinz Meier-Braun to discuss the political challenges of the current refugee crisis.