Zwei Herren in Anzügen stehen vor zwei Roll-Ups und schütteln sich die Hände.
Together with the George C. Marshall European Center for Security Studies, the Federal Academy started the new year with an expert conference on transatlantic relations. Picture: GCMC/Winkler
Das Bild zeigt ein Kunstwerk aus Pakistan, welches in sehr vielen bunten Farben schemenhaft Menschen und die Flagge Pakistans abbildet.
The visit to Islamabad comprises talks with high-ranking government officals, representatives from the international community and the business sector.
Mehrere Personen in Anzügen und Uniform stehen beieinander und unterhalten sich.
On 17 January, young executive personnel from the Foreign Office, Ministry of Defence, and Development met for the annual “Get-Together” at the Federal Academy for Security Policy.
Ein Lufthansa-Jet landet auf einer Landebahn. Im Vordergrund sieht man die Landehilfe.
On the spot: The Course for Senior officials is heading for Pakistan and India. The study tour offers first-hand impressions and high-level talks with both national experts and representatives from the international community in Islamabad and New Delhi.
A large group of both uniformed and business-dressed people are sitting in a large circle of chairs within the Federal Academy's Historic Hall.
NATO not only consists of 29 member nations but also maintains partnerships with 41 other states. How can these relations be adapted to the changed security environment? From 31 January to 2 February 2018, the Federal Academy hosted NATO's ACT Partnership 360 Symposium to provide both members and external partners broad space for discussion.