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"Rich Country, Strong Army": China's Comprehensive National Security

For several years, China has regularly used the term Comprehensive National Security (zongti guojia anquan guan) in articulating its security policy, but…


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China’s March West: Emergence in Central Asia and Afghanistan



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Who is encircling Whom? Security policy aspects of China's relationship with Japan

In terms of bilateral trade volume, China and Japan had the world’s largest trading relationship in 2014. Moreover, Japan is the biggest source of direct…


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The End of Illusions. Trump's North Korea Options

It seems that any attempts to write off the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) have been highly premature. Contrary to persistent speculation that…

Is China Failing? Risks, Imponderables and Perspectives

For years, China’s rapid economic growth has dominated the way the country has been perceived by the public. But in addition to admiration for the…

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