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On the Way to a Common Strategic Culture: How far along is the development of a European Security and Defence Union, and what does that mean for the Bundeswehr?

Europe in an Uncertain World

The multipolar world many hoped would take the place of U.S. hegemony has now become a reality, yet this world looks nothing...



A European-Asian Dialogue on Nuclear Deterrence: German-Korean Nuclear Talks in Seoul

The public is perceiving that nuclear deterrence is back on the international agenda. Even though the idea of a nuclear-weapons-free world is a laudable...


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Strategic Autonomy for Europe: Can Berlin and Paris Agree?

2018 is a very important year for Europe’s future, and not just because important positions in the European Union have to be filled, the Brexit negotiations...



Putin's Weapons Show: Just hot air from Moscow?

Election campaigning?

First off, we should ask ourselves why Putin made these announcements specifically at this juncture. It is not unreasonable to...

For a Europeanisation of Arms Export Controls: More power for Brussels will lead to a stronger Common Foreign and Security Policy of the EU

Requirements for a coherent EU policy on arms export controls

The security environment of the past few years, brought about by the changes in Eastern...

NATO’s Eastward Enlargement: What Western Leaders Said

“Breach of Promise” by the West

Hardly any other issue has put such a strain on the relations between Russia and the West than NATO’s eastward enlargement....


Foto: Kremlin.ru/Wikimedia/CC BY 4.0

The Russian Challenge: its nature and the right response to it

Since the spring of 2014, after Russia’s aggression against Ukraine and illegal annexation of Crimea, Russian-Western relations have hit their lowest point...


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A European Intelligence Service? Potentials and Limits of Intelligence Cooperation at EU Level

France, Belgium, Germany, Britain – for more than two years now, Member States at the centre of the European Union have repeatedly been targets of...



Strengthening EU Defence: Much Ado About Nothing?

It is good to see that the decision-making phase for the further development of the Common Security and Defence Policy (CSDP) that started in 2013 is...


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The G20: Inclusivity and Legitimacy. A Nordic Perspective

The G20 – its strengths and its deficits

The G20 is founded on the premise that the world needs global coordination and global problem solving. Many of the...


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