transatlantic relations

Zwei Herren in Anzügen stehen vor zwei Roll-Ups und schütteln sich die Hände.

Transatlantic start of the year in Berlin

Together with the George C. Marshall European Center for Security Studies, the Federal Academy started the new year with an expert conference on…

A large group of both uniformed and business-dressed people are sitting in a large circle of chairs within the Federal Academy's Historic Hall.

360 degree view: Discussing NATO's Partnerships

NATO not only consists of 29 member nations but also maintains partnerships with 41 other states. How can these relations be adapted to the changed security…

Eine Gruppe von Menschen steht auf dem Dach der US-Botschaft in Berlin; im Hintergrund ist der Deutsche Bundestag sowie davor die Quadriga auf dem Brandenburger Tor sichtbar.

Core Course visits US Embassy Berlin

The discussion at the US Embassy in Berlin focused on the transatlantic relations under the new US administration as well as the significance of NATO.

David Petraeus sitzt vor einer Pressewand des German Marshall Fund und spricht unterstützt von Gestik mit einem nicht im Bild befindlichen Gesprächspartner.

"Not a Zero-Sum Game": General Petraeus on international order

In early March, the Federal Academy for Security Policy hosted a discussion event with General (ret.) David Petraeus in cooperation with the German Marshall…

The picture shows the lettering "populism".

Working Paper: Donald Trump - "He was taken literally, but not seriously"

"He was taken literally, but not seriously" – Donald Trump's electoral success has been recognised widely with astonishment and dismay. A New Working paper…

Programmlogo „Diplomacy and Diversity Fellowships“ der Organisation „Humanity in Action“

Field trip: Transatlantic Fellows

On June 9, 2015 an international group of emerging leaders visited the Federal Academy as part of a field trip in order to acquaint themselves with Germany’…

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