Working Paper

The Berlin Process for the Western Balkans: Four Recommendations to Achieve Progress

The authors write that the ninth EU-Western Balkans summit, which recently ended in Berlin, introduced some improvements to the Berlin Process....


Skyline Shanghai
Foto: dove lee/Flickr/CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

More realism and more imaginations: Thoughts on Germany’s future China policy

Metropolis Shanghai: A differentiated view on China, which also considers the risks of economic ties, only came about late in Germany, writes Dr...


Ein Kampfflugzeug vom Typ Tornado steht bei Nacht auf einem beleuchteten Vorfeld zwischen zwei Hangars.
Foto: Bundeswehr

Germany and NATO’s Nuclear Deterrent

The benefits to Germany of retiring and not replacing its small fleet of nuclear-certified Tornado fighter-bombers are obvious. The German defense budget...

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