nuclear strategy


Ein Kampfflugzeug vom Typ Tornado steht bei Nacht auf einem beleuchteten Vorfeld zwischen zwei Hangars.
Foto: Bundeswehr

Germany and NATO’s Nuclear Deterrent

The replacement of Germany's Tornado fighter-bomber is inevitably linked with a more fundamental question: Will Germany purchase a nuclear-certified successor aircraft and continue its contribution to NATO's nuclear deterrencet? In our latest Working Paper, Dr. Brad Roberts discusses the consequences of a German opt-out of nuclear sharing from a US perspective. Picture: Bundeswehr


Zahlreiche Menschen stehen in einem zum Teil abgedunkelten Konferenzsaal mit Projektionen der NATO-Flagge an den Wänden.
Foto: Herman Van Rompuy/flickr/CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Conference: A View Beyond the Summit

In mid-May, international experts met in Brussels at a joint conference by the Belgian Egmont Institute and the Federal Academy for Security Policy to discuss the prospects of the upcoming NATO Summit in Warsaw.
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