The Russian option: Can Turkey forge an alliance with Russia?

Given its partly problematic relations with certain western states, Turkey is generally thought to be on the lookout for new allies, seeing Russia as an...

Can Turkey play the Shanghai card? China’s take on Ankara’s Eurasian security endeavours and what it means for Europe’s security architecture

Turkey’s relations with the EU and NATO have turned sour

Following the failed military coup of July 2016 and the harsh response of the...


Die Wartungscrew überprüft einen Kampfjet Tornado vor dem Start des Einsatzaufklärungsflugs auf dem Flugfeld zwischen zwei Hangars der Air Base Incirlik im Rahmen der Mission Counter Daesh, am 24. Februar 2016.
Foto: Bundeswehr/Falk Bärwald

German security policy – silent acceptance of the necessary

In an interview with the “Handelsblatt”, Kamp assesses the “temperature” of Germany’s security policy – in light of consecutive headlines rapidly...

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