Visit of Young Leaders from Ukraine

Wednesday, 27. April 2016

On 14 April 2016, a group of young leaders from Ukraine met for a discussion with the President of the Academy, Karl-Heinz Kamp.

Junge Führungskräfte aus der Ukraine sitzen mit Dr. Hans-Dieter Heumann in einem Seminarraum der BAKS.

Guests from Ukraine paying a visit to the Federal Academy. On the right side of the picture:
former President of the Academy Hans-Dieter Heumann, who accompanied the delegation.
Picture: BAKS

The focus of the discussion was the current situation in Ukraine and the relationship with Russia. The developments in 2014 represent a rupture, according to the President of the Federal Academy: ”I am convinced that future historians will mark this year as a decisive turning point.” The overt aggression in Crimea and the eastern part of Ukraine negated decades of a European peace order, Kamp said.

The main focus of the discussion with the Ukrainian guests was Europe’s position towards the crisis. Regarding this matter, Kamp provided the following outlook: "It is clear that Ukraine will receive help from Europe. I don’t see it becoming a member of the EU or NATO in the near future, however. What is important now is to conduct an intense debate about the political situation in Ukraine."

Russia would play a key role in solving the conflict in Ukraine, he went on. But the situation in other countries of Eastern Europe should also not be neglected by Europe and Germany. According to Kamp, cooperation with Russia and protection against Russia are two sides of the same coin: "We have to combine the deterrence of Russia and cooperation with Russia – the question is: how much cooperation does Russia want?"

During the three-hour visit, these and other questions regarding European security policy were thoroughly discussed. In the end, both sides expressed great interest in continuing this dialogue.

Author: Vera Kislinskaa