Working Papers


Issue 13/2018
China’s March West: Emergence in Central Asia and Afghanistan

Issue 7/2018
Putin's Weapons Show: Just hot air from Moscow?

Issue 6/2018
Air Power - Credible deterrence and defence call for superior air forces. NATO has realised that

Issue 5/2018
A failed peace process? The rapprochement between Hamas and Fatah and the consequences of the announced relocation of the US embassy

Issue 4/2018
For a Europeanisation of Arms Export Controls:
More power for Brussels will lead to a stronger
Common Foreign and Security Policy of the EU

Issue 3/2018
NATO’s Eastward Enlargement: What Western Leaders Said

Issue 1/2018
A Change of Heart in Pakistan? New developments
in counter-terrorism and shifting international influences



Issue 31/2017
What future for Northern Iraq? The Kurdish dilemma
and shifting spheres of influence in the region

Issue 30/2017
The INF Treaty as a Cornerstone of Nuclear Arms Control
– Doomed to Fail?

Issue 28/2017
The South Caucasus in the Context of the EU-Russia-Crisis

Issue 27/2017
The Russian Challenge: its nature and the right response to it

Issue 25/2017
The Kurds as Allies of the West in Syria and Iraq:
Effective Partnership or Political Powder Keg?

Issue 23/2017
Autonomous or semi-autonomous weapons systems: A potential new threat of terrorism?

Issue 20/2017
A European Intelligence Service? Potentials and Limits of Intelligence Cooperation at EU Level

Issue 18/2017
Strengthening EU Defence: Much Ado About Nothing?

Issue 17/2017
The Russian option: Can Turkey forge an alliance with Russia?

Issue 16/2017
Forward, Resilience! – Ideas on how to Strengthen Resilience in Germany

Issue 15/2017
Nobody builds walls better than me – US Policy towards Latin America
under Donald Trump

Issue 13/2017
The Asymmetric War of ISIL - Implications for Counter-Terrorism

Issue 12/2017
The G20: Inclusivity and Legitimacy. A Nordic Perspective

Issue 11/2017
Belarus's balancing act continues. Minsk fends off the "Ukraine Option" again

Issue 10/2017
Failed Statehood: On the Causes of Upheaval and Conflict in the Middle East

Issue 9/2017
More security in cyber space: The case for arms control

Issue 8/2017
Who is encircling Whom? Security policy aspects
of China's relationship with Japan

Issue 7/2017
Why Vladimir Putin is Angry with the West: Understanding the Drivers
of Russia’s Information, Cyber and Hybrid War

Issue 6/2017
Can Turkey play the Shanghai card? China’s take on Ankara’s Eurasian security
endeavours and what it means for Europe’s security architecture

Issue 5/2017
The End of Illusions. Trump's North Korea Options

Issue 2/2017
Is the West Circling the Wagons? On the strategic situation
of Germany and its Allies

Issue 1/2017
Donald Trump: A Populist in the White House - Background and Perspectives



Issue 29/2016
A Premature Obituary for ISIL: The Mosul Offensive and its Potential Aftermath

Issue 28/2016
Brexit and British Defence Policy: Not Business As Usual

Issue 25/2016
The West in the Middle East: A Realisitic Analysis and Policy Priorities for a Region With Structurally Irresolvable Problems

Issue 22/2016
What's new on NATO's Southern flank: security threats and the Alliance's role after the Warsaw Summit

Issue 21/2016
Attack on the West: what is the strategy of ISIL?

Issue 20/2016
Russian National Identity and the Russia-Ukraine Crisis

Issue 19/2016
What is Resilience? Ambiguities of a Key Term

Issue 18/2016
The NATO Summit in Warsaw: seven messages to expect

Issue 17/2016
Syrian Separation: why division is not the answer

Issue 16/2016
Is China Failing? Risks, Imponderables and Perspectives

Issue 15/2016
Russia's myths about NATO: Moscow’s propaganda ahead of the NATO Summit

Issue 12/2016
Commitments for NATO: More Money for the Bundeswehr

Issue 11/2016
The Lisa Case: STRATCOM Lessons for European states

Issue 10/2016
Refuge and migration: organisational, administrative and logistic challenges

Issue 9/2016
Al-Qaeda and the Islamic State: Objectives, Threat, Countermeasures

Issue 8/2016
Where is the beef? Prospects of a closer German-British security partnership

Issue 7/2016
Preventing the “Islamic State” in Central Asia: conditions, risks and peace policy requirements

Issue 6/2016
Saudi Arabia and its 40 Allies: what the Islamic Alliance really means

Issue 5/2016
Cyprus: is one of the oldest conflicts about to be resolved?

Issue 4/2016
Choosing your partners: how strong is the partnership between China and Russia?

Issue 3/2016
Libya: the next military operation with German participation?

Issue 1/2016
Germany’s Enable & Enhance Initiative: what is it about?



Issue 12/2015
Russia and Europe in 2030: conflict or cooperation?

Issue 10/2015
Germanys OSCE chairmanship 2016: the need for “contagement”

Issue 9/2015
The agenda of the NATO summit in Warsaw

Issue 8/2015
Mali: a new quality of engagement

Issue 7/2015
The America we need

Issue 2/2015
Misconceptions on Russia about the Putin System

Issue 1/2015
Russias hybrid warfare: a success in propaganda



Issue 1/2014
Foreign and security policy: Germany in a changing world