Study Platform

An important aim of the Federal Academy is to form a network on security policy matters. Within this network the Federal Academy sees itself as an initiator and moderator of communication processes between experts of various origin and disciplines. The communicative exchange is seen in this context as a basis and a link for more intensive inter-ministerial and interagency cooperation in the various fields of professional activity.

To facilitate the communication and cooperation processes also independently of and beyond further education events, the Federal Academy for Security Policy has created a virtual study platform.

Durch Klicken auf die Grafik gelangen Sie auf die Studienplattform der BAKS.(With a click on the diagram you access the study platform of the Federal Academy for Security Policy.)

Applications offered on the study platform include:

  1. In the functional area headed “Meine Veranstaltungen” (“Events”) participants will find all elements relevant for the event they are registered for. These include: program, literature, (file) discussions, chats, Wikis, surveys, etc.
  2. In the functional area headed “Bibliothek” (“Library”) literature on security-related subjects is made available independent of individual events.
  3. Via the functional area “Mitglieder” (“Members”) it will in future be more easily for platform users to get quickly into contact with other network users.
  4. As the name implies, the functional area “Netzwerk” (“Network”) is especially meant for the network members of the Federal Academy for Security Policy. Here network members as well may upload their own publications or other interesting documents and put them up for discussion.
  5. The Alumni & Friends Association of the Federal Academy for Security Policy has decided to give up its separate Internet page. The “Alumni & Friends” homepage has become an integral part of the study platform. This has the advantage that members of Alumni & Friends may with one access use both the network offers and the offers of the Alumni& Friends Association

Both active and former participants in the Senior Course on Security Policy and the members of the Alumni & Friends Association may access the study platform. Those interested may file an application for access which will be bound to membership in the Alumni & Friends Association of the Federal Academy for Security Policy. If you want to learn more about membership in the Alumni & Friends, please send an e-mail to the Association’s secretary at