Course for Senior Officials heading for Pakistan and India

Monday, 12. February 2018

On the spot: The Course for Senior officials is heading for Pakistan and India. The study tour
offers first-hand impressions and high-level talks with both national experts and international representatives in Islamabad and New Delhi.

Ein Lufthansa-Jet landet auf einer Landebahn. Im Vordergrund sieht man die Landehilfe.

The ten-day study tour is at the heart of the Federal Academy's top level seminar established
in 2016.  Picture: Günter Wicker/Flughafen Berlin Brandenburg GmbH

The Federal Academy's 2018 Course for Senior Officials focuses on India, Pakistan, and the international connections in both states. Why is this region so important for Germany? India is about to become a new global center of power. In 2022, the world's largest democracy is to overtake China as the most populous country on earth, causing enormous social, economic, and ecological consequences as well as a growing claim to global codetermination.

A region of great importance for Germany

At the same time India has been in a seemingly irresolvable confrontation with its neighbor Pakistan for over 70 years. After three wars over the disputed Kashmir region there is still no peace in sight. On the contrary, the acquisition of nuclear weapons by both states during the 1990s has created a potential for escalation far beyond the region. Pakistan in turn is a key actor in the fight against the radical islamist Taliban in Afghanistan, but at the same time the country itself is being challenged domestically by islamism and terrorism. The face of international involvement might change as well. While protectionist claims on part of the Trump administration have put into question the US' influence in the region, China is clearly extending its regional footprint.

High-level talks on site

How are Pakistan and India going to position themselves within the international community? And what kind of relations are they striving for with China, the US, and Europe? The Course for Senior Officials addresses these questions and offers a strategic perspective on the regional actors, interests and constellations of power. The linchpin of the Seminar is a ten-day study tour that comprises high-level talks with both national experts and representatives from the international community in Islamabad and New Delhi. The Course is a key component of the programme offered by the Federal Academy. Its purpose is to grant senior officials of the German Federal and State authorities as well as from the economy sector and civil society a deeper understanding of a current foreign and security policy issue relevant to their own work. In this way, the Course for Senior Officials also helps to develop a security policy network of state and non-state actors.

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