#DFS2021: Exiting Armed Conflicts: Children as Agents of Peace

Zwei Kinder, eines fahrradfahrend, das andere rennend, bewegen sich vor einem Hintergrund zerstörter Gebäude und Trümmer.

Foto: Claire Thomas / Save the Children

In 2019, 426 million children worldwide were living in over 54 active conflict zones. During war, children suffer many different human rights abuses – and often, conflict parties deliberately target youth as part of their war strategy. At the same time, children are also active participants in hostilities and play a key role in post-conflict societies. However, despite their importance to both conflict and peace, children’s specific needs remain largely overlooked by peacebuilding actors.

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The panel discussion takes place under the umbrella of GPPi's PeaceLab project which is supported by the Federal Foreign Office. For registration, please click here to go to the GPPi Website.

What consequences does the (mis)treatment of children have for a conflict’s development and resolution? How is the protection of children during active conflicts connected to their role in peacebuilding? In what ways can children contribute to resolving conflicts? How can international actors integrate children’s agency and impact on long-term stability into considerations during a conflict? And what can actors like Germany do to support efforts to improving practice on the ground?

An open panel discussion hosted by the Global Public Policy Institute (GPPi) will discuss these questions during the German Forum on Security Policy (DFS) on 3 May 2021. This discussion takes place under the umbrella of PeaceLab, a GPPi project supported by the German Federal Foreign Office. The PeaceLab Blog and events aim to promote the debate on peace and security policy in Germany. For more information, visit www.peacelab.blog or follow @PeaceLabBlog on Twitter.


  • Timo Müller, Project Manager, Save the Children Sweden (Twitter: @MuellerTimo)
  • Ilwad Elman, Chief Operating Officer, Elman Peace and Human Rights Centre in Somalia (Twitter: @IlwadElman)


  • Sofie Lilli Stoffel, Research Assistant, Global Public Policy Institute (GPPi) (Twitter: @sofie_lilli)
  • Lea Meyer, Advocacy Manager, Save the Children Germany (Twitter: @meye_lea)

Date: 3 May 2021, 14:00–15:00 CEST (60 minutes)
Format: Open panel discussion (in English)
Registration: via the Global Public Policy Institute